Friday, November 5, 2010

Preview: Gothic Girl Costume

Gothic Girl Costume - for Cosplay - or Halloween - by Czari Flores
I know that this costume is too late for Halloween, but the character design is so challenging that there were times I couldn’t sleep without drawing the character’s costume, accessories, and props, while figuring out how I could create something like those. Last Wednesday this week then, I bought the materials needed and began making and sewing the costume at that night. It’s almost done now.
Can you guess what character it is? ^_^

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My sister will cosplay Nanami Konoe

Anime Lamune - Nanami Konoe - Costume
My sister’s costume looks so great and I’m excited to see her wearing it. This will be her second time to cosplay in an event. She’ll be dressing up asNanami Konoe from the anime Lamune. If you are interesting in having a similar costume as this, you may order from me.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Meet the 3 Mari Illustrious Makinami cosplayers – uniform, green, and pink plug suit

Mari Illustrious Makinami Cosplay - uniform - green - pink - drama - stairs
We don’t see many cosplaying Mari Illustrious Makinami (from the movie Evangelion:2.0). Maybe because she’s not that known yet since she only appeared in the series’ movie. In other countries outside the Philippines, some would cosplay her but it’s usually only in uniform instead of her plug suits. And that’s probably because it’s the easiest among her three costumes. In the Philippines, there aren’t many cosplayers of her either. It was a great surprise then when three cosplayers of Mari in three different costumes suddenly met at a convention last October 2010. And to think that we three didn’t plan it at all!
Among the three costumes, I like the pink plug suit the most because of the design and because it’s my favorite color. When my mom saw an anime photo of Mari in pink, she thought that it looked so much like me and encouraged me to have it made and wear it in the big convention in October. I was hesitant because there were only a few days left and I wanted to create the costume on my own instead of having it done by a tailor. But mom insisted that my skills aren’t ready yet for creating a plugsuit.
The costume was created then! I didn’t get to sleep the night before the event because of preparing the costume (such as making the headband, the eyeglasses, the gray buttons, the red circles, the battery pack on the back, and the shoes). I had a Make Me Up™ booth on that convention too and I had to prepare a lot of things for it .
I didn’t get to sleep and was so tired, to the point that I felt like I really looked so haggard in the costume!
But no matter how I looked, I didn’t regret being there in the event and being there in my costume, because if I weren’t there the three (3) Mari Illustrious Makinami wouldn’t have been complete! On that day, the famous Filipina cosplayer Jin Joson cosplayed as Mari in uniform. On the other hand, Pocky endorser Jen Ching cosplayed as Mari in green plug suit. And I, Czari Flores, just someone who really loves pink, cosplayed as Mari in pink plug suit. It was the first time I got to meet the two of them.
Here are some photos:
Jin Joson as Mari in uniform,
Czari Flores as Mari in pink,
and Jen Ching as Mari in green
When Jin first came up to me at the event to take a closer look at my costume and to meet me, she looked so familiar but it was the first time I met her. After the event when I looked up her name on the Internet I found out then that she was the famous Filipina cosplayer at DeviantArt. She’s known for cosplaying male characters. ^_^
When I got to meet Jen Ching in her green plug suit, the first thing I did was take a look at what material she used. It was leatherette and I think that it was appropriate for her costume. I was curious so I asked her, “Why did you choose the green plug suit instead of the pink?” And she answered, “It’s a gift to me.” Good thing that the giver chose the green then. Otherwise, the three costumes wouldn’t have been complete! ^_^
Jin’s photographer friends invited us three for an impromptu photo shoot before the sun set.
These costumes and props were created by Filipinos.
The photographers who took these photos are Filipinos.
These three models are Filipinos.
Don’t these make you proud to be a Filipino? Hehe ^_^
Mari Illustrious Makinami in Uniform: Jin Joson
Mari Illustrious Makinami in Green Plug Suit: Jen Ching
Mari Illustrious Makinami in Pink Plug Suit: Czari Flores (me)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Preview: Aisaka Taiga Angel Costume

"Aisaka Taiga Tenori angel costume or cosplay from the Toradora - made and modelled by Czari Flores"
For cosplaying, the other night I sewed a new costume of Aisaka Taiga (or Tenori Taiga) from the anime Toradora. She had several outfits in the series but I think the most memorable one is her angel costume. It’s just a simple dress but it’s significant in the story. I have had the white and pink fabric already so I sewed it right away in one night.
To complete the costume, next I’ll make are the wings. Maybe I’d look for a wig or just make do with my hair.
Here’s a preview of the costume.
"Aisaka Taiga Tenori angel white dress with pink ribbon costume or cosplay from the Toradora - made and modelled by Czari Flores"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Preview: Naru Narusegawa Costume

Naru Narusegawa costume or cosplay - Love Hina - by Czari Flores - banner
Just the other day I sewed a simple costume of Naru Narusegawa from the animeLove Hina. Several months ago I was searching for an anime couple that’s easy to cosplay for Arvin and myself. He suggested Love Hina then. Naru wore many outfits in the anime series but she’s more seen wearing the yellow sweater and dark red skirt because she wore this in the anime’s opening song.
Here’s a preview of the costume I just sewed the other day. I sewed the dark red skirt as well (not on the photo). The black stockings and booties are ready too.
As for Arvin’s costume, he’s just gonna get it from his wardrobe. ^_^ But we’ll need to look for square-shaped lenses.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anime “Toradora!” will not make you sleep

It’s an anime show, but it’s not about robots or sailors with magical powers. It has a simple story that is so interesting, moving, and engaging, that it will not make you sleep until you finish watching the whole series (with 25 episodes).
As an adaptation of the original Japanese manga version, the anime “Toradora!” is a slice of life story about 17-year-oldRyuji Takasu, who’s good-natured yet looks frightening because of his eyes, and his neighbor and classmate Taiga Aisaka, who easily gets mad and tends to always be in fights but is honest and cute in her own ways. Throughout their 2nd year in high school, Ryuji and Taiga developed a deep friendship as they helped each other coin ways to pursue whom they have fallen in love with at the school.
No spoiler information here, but let me share what I really loved about this anime:
  • The main characters’ personality are distinctive and interesting. When you meet them on the first few episodes of the show, you’ll really fall in love with them. The characters don’t have to be so perfect and likable for you to love them; in fact, they can be so irritating sometimes, but there’s still ‘something’.
  • I adore so much the things that Ryuji and Taiga do for each other.
  • It’s always like a breath of fresh air to watch this kind of anime show. Slice of life. They’re anime characters but they’re just like you: you wake up to go to school, have lunch with friends, see your crush, and get all excited and nervous.
  • But it also gets all funny and exciting because of the aggressive characters fighting and shouting.
  • They’re anime, just cartoons, but the story gets so dramatic and emotional too, and the characters show those emotions so well…that it will really make you cry.
  • And the story is so interesting and moving, that it will not make you sleep. The best scenes of it would play in your mind over and over and over, and you’d want to know what would happen next and next…until you finish the whole series.
It happened to me. Let me know if it ever happens to you too. I hope to watch/read more anime/manga like this ^_^

Friday, October 22, 2010

I used to work for...IRON MAN!

Jamie Bautista as Iron Man - feature banner
This is about my former boss, Sir Jamie Bautista. A big fan of Iron Man, he sometimes comes to work wearing an Iron Man mask. And on the first birthday party of his son, Sir Jamie was Iron Man in full armor!
When I was in first year college, one of my interesting professors was Jamie Bautista, whom I thought was a “she” because of the name written in our class cards. So I thought maybe his name is just like my cousin Nix’s first name, Jaime (Jayme), the male version pronunciation. But no, Sir Jamie’s name is really pronounced like a girl’s name – Jaymee. He shared that people actually remember his name because it’s supposed to be for girls.
He taught my class Computer Fundamentals and inserted a lot of comic creation and graphic design lessons. My professor was a comic geek, designer and writer.
That’s when I learned about his own comic book CAST. Many of his readers thought he was female because of his name and because the comic book is slice-of-life romance. Until now, he’s still a comic book creator. He’s the author and publishing/marketing consultant of PRIVATE IRIS, a local detective/mystery comic book series for kids and all ages. Private Iris also recently won an Anvil Award Merit. This comic was created by Jamie Bautista as the author and Arnold Arre as the artist.
Last year, when I attended Komikon 2009 in UP Diliman, there I saw a booth ofBlue Cow, the publisher of Private Iris.
They were selling Private Iris and other works of Arnold Arre and Jamie Bautista. Sir Jamie was there sitting at the booth together with the mascot Iris Able. I have just graduated at that time when I saw Sir Jamie there.
Sir Jamie Bautista and Czari Flores (me) at the Komikon 2009
Sir Jamie then got me in his creative team called TOOLBOX D. I worked there for a year with fellow officemates:
Panch Alvarez, the new Accounts Executive who’s also an artist/painter
Ate Ysa Locsin, the fashionista graphic designer
Martin Villanueva, our Palanca-awardee writer
At the middle, new guy Kenneth Umali, graphic designer who’s also a comic book enthusiast
Kuya Sece, layout artist for the press
At the middle, Ross Umali (design director), and Ate Lucy Rafael (another layout artist for the press)
And our boss is the IRON MAN:
Sometimes, Sir Jamie would come to work wearing an Iron Man mask ^_^
Sir Jamie Bautista is a big fan of Iron Man ever since he was young. As he grew older, his Iron Man collection increased in number, and finally on the first birthday of his son David he was Iron Man in full armor. A dream come true! The costume looks so great he could win in a cosplay competition. ^_^
Would like to share their links:
Toolbox D Website:
Blog of Toolbox D’s StapleD:
Private Iris Website:
Jamie Bautista Website:
Cast Comic Website:
Ysa Locsin’s Tumblr:
Ross Umali Multiply:
Martin Villanueva Blog:

Fanart: Anna Aoi from Godannar

Anna Aoi Fanart - by Czari Flores - Feature banner
Here’s a simple drawing I just made tonight. It’s a fan art of the character Anna Aoi from the anime Godannar, a new addition to my favorite anime shows. I like the character Anna Aoi a lot too. You can probably guess one of the reasons why! ^_^
I didn’t get to clean up and even out the lines of this one. I used black permanent markers for the line art, scanned the drawing, and then colored it using photoshop.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Czari’s cosplay of Mari Makinami featured in

Czari Flores cosplay of Mari Makinami - featured in Cartoon Leap
Thank you to the anime blog Cartoon Leap ( for featuring my cosplay of Mari Makinami Illustrious in a pink plug suit. To read the short post, go to this link. To look more photos of me in my Mari cosplay, go to this link and this link too.

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