Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anime “Toradora!” will not make you sleep

It’s an anime show, but it’s not about robots or sailors with magical powers. It has a simple story that is so interesting, moving, and engaging, that it will not make you sleep until you finish watching the whole series (with 25 episodes).
As an adaptation of the original Japanese manga version, the anime “Toradora!” is a slice of life story about 17-year-oldRyuji Takasu, who’s good-natured yet looks frightening because of his eyes, and his neighbor and classmate Taiga Aisaka, who easily gets mad and tends to always be in fights but is honest and cute in her own ways. Throughout their 2nd year in high school, Ryuji and Taiga developed a deep friendship as they helped each other coin ways to pursue whom they have fallen in love with at the school.
No spoiler information here, but let me share what I really loved about this anime:
  • The main characters’ personality are distinctive and interesting. When you meet them on the first few episodes of the show, you’ll really fall in love with them. The characters don’t have to be so perfect and likable for you to love them; in fact, they can be so irritating sometimes, but there’s still ‘something’.
  • I adore so much the things that Ryuji and Taiga do for each other.
  • It’s always like a breath of fresh air to watch this kind of anime show. Slice of life. They’re anime characters but they’re just like you: you wake up to go to school, have lunch with friends, see your crush, and get all excited and nervous.
  • But it also gets all funny and exciting because of the aggressive characters fighting and shouting.
  • They’re anime, just cartoons, but the story gets so dramatic and emotional too, and the characters show those emotions so well…that it will really make you cry.
  • And the story is so interesting and moving, that it will not make you sleep. The best scenes of it would play in your mind over and over and over, and you’d want to know what would happen next and next…until you finish the whole series.
It happened to me. Let me know if it ever happens to you too. I hope to watch/read more anime/manga like this ^_^


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