Friday, October 29, 2010

Preview: Naru Narusegawa Costume

Naru Narusegawa costume or cosplay - Love Hina - by Czari Flores - banner
Just the other day I sewed a simple costume of Naru Narusegawa from the animeLove Hina. Several months ago I was searching for an anime couple that’s easy to cosplay for Arvin and myself. He suggested Love Hina then. Naru wore many outfits in the anime series but she’s more seen wearing the yellow sweater and dark red skirt because she wore this in the anime’s opening song.
Here’s a preview of the costume I just sewed the other day. I sewed the dark red skirt as well (not on the photo). The black stockings and booties are ready too.
As for Arvin’s costume, he’s just gonna get it from his wardrobe. ^_^ But we’ll need to look for square-shaped lenses.


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