Thursday, August 16, 2012

8 celebrities who look like dolls (without even trying)!

1. Amanda Seyfried
I first saw her in the movie Mean Girls, where she played the small role of Karen Smith, a not-so-smart yet nice blonde who never mistreated the main character (played by Lindsay Lohan) despite being one of the plastics. I didn’t know who Amanda Seyfried was at that time but I liked her in the movie since she was so funny and cute. The above is a picture of her when she dressed up as a mouse for Halloween in the movie.
While not smiling, Amanda almost doesn’t have fine lines around her mouth, making her cheeks a bit full without looking chubby at all. This makes her doll like, along with her full lips, doe-shaped eyes, and oval-shaped face. Hence, without even trying, she’s almost like a doll!
And she looked so much more like one when she wore a wig (short and with full bangs) in the movie “In Time”. Check it out the lovely picture below or see the movie on DVD!

2. Avril Lavigne
Okay, maybe this is a surprise for this list, you may think? Why Avril Lavigne? She may not be the girliest girl out there, but I have always thought she looks like a doll, not the cute young dolls type, but the adult Barbie doll. With really thick blonde hair and white skin, the doll favorite colors pink and green just look so awesome on her, be it for clothes or even for her hair! It actually seems so fun to dress her up.
And the size of her big doll-like eyes became more apparent in her music video “Wish You Were Here.” With extra big hair, big fully made-up eyes, and slightly pink (almost nude) lips, Avril was like a crying Barbie. You should try watching it on YouTube to get what I mean.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trying out Blogger again!

Have you been to the old before? I used to blog there about radio, movies, media, anime, makeup, and cosplay, but I deleted it because I had moved to my new home at using Wordpress. I did get to backup most of my entries in the blog though, and I might put them up again after some cleanup. 

Are you a blogger too or do you have plans to blog? What platform are you currently using or you are thinking of using? Blogger or Wordpress? 

I wonder which one is better. Can you share with me your thoughts?

I've registered this blogger address again to see what's new with Blogger. Let's see how it goes. ^_^

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