Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trying out Blogger again!

Have you been to the old CzariFlores.blogspot.com before? I used to blog there about radio, movies, media, anime, makeup, and cosplay, but I deleted it because I had moved to my new home at www.Czari.net using Wordpress. I did get to backup most of my entries in the blog though, and I might put them up again after some cleanup. 

Are you a blogger too or do you have plans to blog? What platform are you currently using or you are thinking of using? Blogger or Wordpress? 

I wonder which one is better. Can you share with me your thoughts?

I've registered this blogger address again to see what's new with Blogger. Let's see how it goes. ^_^


ErazEr said...

whichever suits you..

blogger now is kinda similar to Wordpress in terms of posting pictures. plus you can customize it now via css3 (my blog is) i dunno if wordpress can do that, or maybe the huge selection of themes suits you more..

Czari said...

Thanks for the comment, Erazer ^_^

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