Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cosplay: Iris Able from Private Iris Comic

I have been wanting to create costumes for myself. Joining events that require you to wear costumes seems to be a good motivation for that, because you have a deadline to beat. But for the past months, the events I have been attending are our own events for Blue Cow’s Private Iris. I then decided to create my own Private Iris costume. Arvin helped me pick out the cloths and I was supposed to have it professionally made by a seamstress, but no one was available! I resorted to sewing my own then.
Yes. I had to sew it. By hand. Oh my, you couldn’t imagine what that was like.
And just in time, there came a problem – our Private Iris mascot was under repair and couldn’t join us on our event the next day after the Komikon. All the more then that I had to really finish the costume.
I wore the costume during the Komikon event. But I didn’t get to copy Iris’ hair exactly. The costume was incomplete then.

But for our other event, the launch of the newest issue, “The Legend of Kelpic Lake”, I had my hair done at the Fort’s “Club Princess”. They used blue hairspray to color strands of my hair.

Private Iris is an Anvil-award-winning local detective comic book for kids. It was created by award-winning writer Jamie Bautista and artist Arnold Arre.
Below is the comic’s art of the character “Iris Able” a.k.a “Private Iris”.

Here’s what Iris would look like when she’s older/in her teens. Art is by Mr. Joel Chua. This drawing was featured in issue #10.


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