Monday, October 18, 2010

Czari's Pink Shrine

Czari Flores - Pink Shrine - Banner
Someone once told me, “Ever since I met you, I’ve never seen so much pink in my life!” It was Arvin who said that to me. But maybe a lot of other people who know me have also thought of the same thing.
I have liked the color “pink” since I was little. Whatever stuff I would buy or receive, they’d have to be pink. And then in cartoons and anime, any main character who was wearing pink or had pink hair would be my favorite. Want some examples? Remember Pink Ranger, jewel-rider Tamara, and sky-dancer Angelica? Haha ^_^
And to add to that, I love strawberry flavor as well. Anything pink seemed tasty for me, and my toiletries like shampoo and soap would have to pink. They don’t just look good to me; they even smell really good.
Until now I love pink. I can’t help it — any merchandise would be so cute for me as long as it’s pink. (It doesn’t mean I’d immediately buy though =p)
I haven’t figured out why, but the color pink makes me happy.
Here are photos of some of my stuff. This is actually messy, but just to give you an idea, here goes:
Czari's Pink Shrine
Czari's Pink Shrine - Czari Flores in the photo


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