Monday, October 18, 2010

My car is not pink

As you can see, I love the color pink, but the car I am driving isn’t pink. It’s a cerulean blue Honda Jazz. I got this as a gift from my parents for graduating Summa cum Laude last March 2009 from the Assumption College. I took up Bachelor of Communication, Major in Advertising.
There is a pink Honda Jazz with an older model. And ever since this was out, I get so giddy every time I see one on the road. I guess it’s because of this pink car that I have come to like Honda Jazz very much. But in the year of my graduation, Honda already released a newer and better model.Unfortunately though, they do not have a pink one. =( So, I got the color that appealed to me most among all the colors – the cerulean blue. Only Honda Jazz has this kind of color so far. Well, I’d still prefer pink of course, but I can re-paint my car someday anyway. ^_^
Here are some of my photos during my graduation day:
My dad Erwin, me (Czari Flores), and my mom Sheila.
My lola Sandy, mommy Sheila, me (Czari Flores), daddy Erwin, and lola Mary.
When we were about to leave the campus, they surprised me with the cute car in a red ribbon!
Months later, an orange Picanto bumped into the car’s rear while my dad was driving it. And then, I scratched the left side door when I made a sharp left u-turn and there was a block barrier on my left. =( But everything has been fixed now. ^_^
You might be wondering what my creative graduation picture was? It was me cosplaying Gogo Yubari. ^_^


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