Saturday, August 21, 2010

My own business at 21 years old

At first, Make Me Up™ salon was only an idea that would hardly make me sleep. It was an idea that didn’t make me rest until I turned into a plan. The concept and how I could picture it to become was so strong in my mind that I just really had to do something to make it happen. For me, it could be the “first”. And for it to be close to first, it had to be done.
But with all the things piled up to do at my two jobs (-Yes, I am a Working Girl ^_^-), I knew that I had to set a deadline for myself. Else, if I took my own sweet time in building Make Me Up™ salon, who knows when I could finish it? Probably as far as next year already?
So, in my planning stage at mid of May 2010, I chose a deadline where I had to commit to have set the foundations of Make Me Up™ salon. I chose August 21-22, the date when the Metro Comic Con 2010 (MCC) will happen; MCC is a Philippine comic convention where comic creators can exhibit and sell their works. It was also an event where entrepreneurs can sell or promote their products and services that would interest comic fans.
What is Make Me Up™?
So, why exhibit at the MCC? The concept of Make Me Up™ salon is somehow related to “comics”. Make Me Up™ is a thematic mobile salon booth for styling and coloring hair to fit any particular theme, such as anime, cosplay, and any characters. It is fashioning the hairdo of boys and girls, men and women, into styles inspired by iconic characters from literature, shows and films, whose hairstyles you’d easily remember because they are unique and seemingly impossible to recreate in real life for everyday wear.
With Make Me Up™ salon, I wanted to scratch that thought that it is impossible to recreate these fantastical hairstyles. The formula is not just wigs and hair extensions, but techniques and keenness to details.
Here are some of our photos at my first ever booth:
 Make Me Up - photo - 7
I arrived in a brown dress and did some finishing touches for the booth right away.
 Make Me Up - photo - 32
Then I had my photos taken with friends who visited the booth.
Thank you, Sheila Orbigo (on the left).
Thank you, Ate Ysa Locsin (on the right).
 Make Me Up - photo - 31
Thank you, Dani M., Migo B., and Ponci S..
Welcome back, Migo! ^_^
 Make Me Up - photo - 33
 Make Me Up - photo - 23
Quick shots also with the first few customers. Thank you! ^_^
 Make Me Up - photo - 34
Some blurred photos with Orange Magazine TV.
Orange Magazine drops by the booth.
 Make Me Up - photo - 20
Then, had a time to fix my hair. Thank you, Ate Ysa, for the shot.
 Make Me Up - photo - 6
Now ready for more photos!
Make Me Up - photo 1 - avatar copy
 Make Me Up - photo -2 new
Czari (me) with my Make Me Up™ booth.
Make Me Up - photo - 3 copy
Czari (me) at the middle with my hairstylists Ara (left) and Khatz (right).
Make Me Up - photo - 4
 Make Me Up - photo - 10
Arvin De Leon, Glenda Santiago, Khatz Seresula, Czari Flores (me), and Ara Caoili.
 Make Me Up - photo - 11
Czari Flores (me) with Arvin De Leon.
 Make Me Up - photo - 35
The host of the event from CreatiVoices also visited my booth to chat. ^_^
 Make Me Up - photo - 26
 Make Me Up - photo - 40
Even little girls were there to try Make Me Up™! ^_^
 Make Me Up - photo - 41
Thank you so much, everyone! ^_^


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