Friday, October 23, 2009

Semi Cosplay: Girl Gunner

Czari Flores - Cosplay Girl Gunner - feature
I went to last year’s Metro Comic Con at Megamall in a black-and-white polo and the Gogo Yubari skirt I made. When I entered the con, people thought I was cosplaying and took lots of photos of me. It was quite difficult because I had to stay on one spot and smile throughout as more and more people with cameras came closer for their shots. I bet the photos weren’t that good because I wasn’t really cosplaying and I didn’t know how to pose well! It was just one of my usual attires.
I was there for the con’s comic workshop and to support my friends’ comic booths. Ate Ysa was there too. We bought those affordable guns which my brothers stole from me. ^_^


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